Friday, August 28, 2009

Left....The hand the psychic perused

About a month ago I took a stroll in the Lower East Side. Before I left my apartment, I pretzeled up to center myself into a two hour long meditation. For reasons of feeling unsure and off kilt in an unfamiliar and big city. Not the one to back down from challenges, I figured maybe I should touch home base before I go out and interact with others. So afterwards I felt mentally refreshed and in sync with myself. Off to the city! After coming up the stairs from exiting the train, I mentally observed where I wanted to go and how I needed to get there, Then I set off for my destination. Out of no where in the midst of my stroll, this gypsy looking woman grabs my arm and says "Wooooow your aura is amazing, I just have to talk with you".
With my face very wrinkled, I'm like "Lady don't run up on me like that" & "Get cha hands off me!". So she released my arm, backed off a little, with a humble bow and grin. Then she revealed to me who she was and what she does. She turned out to be an astrologist and as a side job more of a hobbie, she gave palm readings. So my first thought was "She tryna hustle me" so I told her "Nah, I'm okay". She frowns and shakes her head vigorously "No no no no you assume to quickly, your radiance is sooooo BRIGHT I WANT to do it for free!" So I'm like "whatever it can't hurt" I agreed. She took me by the hand, and lead me into this bodega. Before sitting she says " Your energy is soooo positive and strong it's surging through your hand". Now, I'm into astrology and metaphysics and things of that nature so I'm not weirded out by her in any way. Until the palm reading began. This lady was sooooo on point it was scary. She hit every aspect of my current, from relocating from another city for more opportunity, to my trepidation although rare about being in a new city. And that I'm a writer and that I'm supposed to sign something that's going to change my life in a few months. All this she gave from only knowing my birthday and name. She also said that I would be a great inspiration to others, which is what I was meditating on amongst other thoughts before I left my apartment....... Weird right???
Maybe not....


Danie007 said...

I wonder why psychics know so much but never know the lottery numbers....

A psychic told me somethings last year that would happen and they really did happen, maybe she just helped manifest the things I wanted but wait, how did she know what it was that I wanted in the first place?