Thursday, March 26, 2009

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Vicious Cylce... continum

I guess I'm yet that phlegmatic observer, had a random thought a couple of weeks ago. Even though it was happenstance, it's been plaguing me... Here it is... As young adults or pre teens, people in general usually have dreams and aspirations.

You know?, Wants and desires? I mean people never really WANT their lives to end up scarce and desolate or boring and mundane. Growing up we usually have wild and vivid imaginings of this, that, and the third. You know, GRANDIOSE houses, ABUNDANT bank accounts, everything we'd ever want through the POWER of imagination....

Then...... we became an adult, moved out on our own, start working to keep the bills paid, all the while trying to hold fast to those ambitions we had coming up. Unbenounced to us we've become less visionary, and more close sighted on balances and pass due notices.

I call to court for the suppression of imagination,... The COMFORTABILITY of ROUTINE! You see, monotony has the mastery to render us unconscious and this mastery is so superior, that we DON'T EVEN REALIZE IT! Untiiil, we reach 45 or so and have that RANDOM THOUGHT while sitting in that cubical, or driving that transit bus or wearing that hard hat and swinging that sledge hammer, that "HEY! I NEVER DID ANYTHING I SAID I WOULD DO!" Which is usually followed by a MID LIFE CRISIS. (SCREAMS)

Well... I guess I'm just having a quarter life crisis. I charged myself never to let my free spirit be captured, and to make sure my visionary imagination remains 20/20. If you're reading this, I want to charge you with the same duty. You owe it to yourself not to have to bust your ass from check to check and SELDOM if EVER see the fruition of your labor. SO.... NEVER SETTLE! You see what happened when that last of A people settled...Stay MINDFUL.


Vicious Cycle

Yeah so.. I figured I would chime in on the Ignorance. Since that's what the masses seem to GRAVITATE to. Please don't mind me, I'll just state a fact; [Insane- Repeatedly doing the same things, expecting a different result.]

Now, ostensibly America recently came full circle, elected and inaugurated it's first (BLACK) WHITE HOUSE MERCHANT!Now that's some earth shattering s**t, but has anything changed in the BLACK community? Don't get my monolouge misread, I'm just a cautious observer.

In no way when I say "changed" do I mean economically. This discourse is about the mental mind frame, perception, perspective, and verbal dialouge of my fellow African American brothers.Moreover, I'm not saying that people should become conscious overnight. That would be impossible. Then again.... WE HAVE A BLACK CHIEF OF STATE!!!

As I dwell in reverie, that Tupac Shakur voiced longed ago that we weren't ready for a BLACK President. Was he a prophet? I don't know. I mean, I conceived that one day it was definitely possible. My contraception was that MY PEOPLE, when the time came wouldn't make his words so profound and prophetic then they were. I mean who are you going to blame now that THE MAN has the same pigmented skin that you have? Oh, I guess you felt comfortable and safe thinking YOU WOULD ALWAYS BE ABLE TO PLACE BLAME ON "THE MAN" FOR YOU NOT PROGRESSING IN LIFE HUH?

Well we are the MAN.Again, please don't mind me. I'm just commenting on the IGNORANCE that still ENTERTAINS. It's tactless for your eyes to be open, gawking at history and still SLEEPING!
WAKE UP N*****!