Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Vicious Cycle

Yeah so.. I figured I would chime in on the Ignorance. Since that's what the masses seem to GRAVITATE to. Please don't mind me, I'll just state a fact; [Insane- Repeatedly doing the same things, expecting a different result.]

Now, ostensibly America recently came full circle, elected and inaugurated it's first (BLACK) WHITE HOUSE MERCHANT!Now that's some earth shattering s**t, but has anything changed in the BLACK community? Don't get my monolouge misread, I'm just a cautious observer.

In no way when I say "changed" do I mean economically. This discourse is about the mental mind frame, perception, perspective, and verbal dialouge of my fellow African American brothers.Moreover, I'm not saying that people should become conscious overnight. That would be impossible. Then again.... WE HAVE A BLACK CHIEF OF STATE!!!

As I dwell in reverie, that Tupac Shakur voiced longed ago that we weren't ready for a BLACK President. Was he a prophet? I don't know. I mean, I conceived that one day it was definitely possible. My contraception was that MY PEOPLE, when the time came wouldn't make his words so profound and prophetic then they were. I mean who are you going to blame now that THE MAN has the same pigmented skin that you have? Oh, I guess you felt comfortable and safe thinking YOU WOULD ALWAYS BE ABLE TO PLACE BLAME ON "THE MAN" FOR YOU NOT PROGRESSING IN LIFE HUH?

Well we are the MAN.Again, please don't mind me. I'm just commenting on the IGNORANCE that still ENTERTAINS. It's tactless for your eyes to be open, gawking at history and still SLEEPING!
WAKE UP N*****!



Fab-Ball!™ said...

lol aight...I hear you on this one. But it's gonna take more than our lifetime before WE as a community even begin to "WAKE UP"...Also,remember,we weren't the main ones that got Barack where he was a lot of the MAN and others that made it happen...and in the process, they saw no color...they saw what I saw...The greatness that it takes to motivate, inspire, and empower millions worldwide. Almost like a spiritual teacher... I like the fact that so far you have managed to evoke some thought on this end...Can it be that I just may become a fan? Which reminds me that I need to revamp my own blog cause I've been slippin BIIIIIG TIIIIME.LOl But for good reasons. Keep it up Jedi. :)